Mentor Program

The Maryland Chapter Mentor Program encourages informal and confidential working relationships between experienced members of the fundraising profession (mentors) and those who are new to the profession, or who are seeking guidance and advice in their careers (mentees).

All those who participate in the program must be members of AFP Maryland. Additionally, the mentor will have ten or more years of experience. The mentor may help the mentee with questions related to: development activities/methods, identifying needed resources, and career advice, as well as serving as a sounding board on specific fundraising concerns.

Once the Mentoring Committee matches a mentor to a mentee, the matched pair will jointly agree on frequency, duration and style of communication (in-person, telephone, email, or a mix). Mentors are available for a one-time consultation and longer terms (maximum 12 months).

To read the requirements or to register to be either a Mentor or Mentee, please complete the online application:


If you have questions regarding the Mentoring Program, contact the chapter at [email protected].