Each and every day, the important work you do demonstrates that you are a leader in effecting change in our community, making it a much better place for all of us. These three words—Empower, Strengthen, Transform— describe WHAT you do as a fundraiser and WHY you do it. When you give to the BE the CAUSE Campaign, benefiting both our chapter and the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy, you are investing in the future of our profession and advancing philanthropy for the greater good.

Your investment in the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy will help support local, national, and international programs. Your ongoing support of AFP Maryland is vital to our profession and future programming opportunities. There are many ways you can continually support AFP Maryland and ensure fundraisers like you have access to high quality educational, networking, and professional opportunities.

  • Diversity & Inclusion – is a pillar of the AFP Strategic Plan, providing scholarships for people from diverse communities is a priority for the Foundation.
  • Professional Development - professional development scholarships provide fundraisers and nonprofit leaders with education, training, and leadership development opportunities.
  • Research – provides an increased knowledge of fundraising, philanthropy, and social innovation, and includes the Growth in Giving Initiative.

Thank you for all you do in support of your colleagues, your local chapter, and the AFP Foundation. BE the CAUSE reflects your commitment to and passion for our rewarding profession. Together we are creating societal impact.

We are asking for your support because not only is it important, it is imperative for the future of the AFP Maryland Chapter.  A portion of every donation that a member makes to BE the CAUSE goes back to their local chapter to support local programs.  AFP Maryland is committed to the development and viability of our fundraising colleagues in every sector throughout the state, and we ask you to support us in this effort.

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