Harford County Celebration of Philanthropy

Call for Nominations

The Harford County Celebration of Philanthropy was created by AFP Maryland to give recognition to those who are truly agents of change in our county.  Recipients of these awards are nominated and selected by a committee consisting of Harford County members of AFP Maryland.

These awards are presented to individuals, families, businesses and organizations in Harford County whose exceptional generosity demonstrates outstanding civic and charitable responsibility, and whose example encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles. 

Previous honorees include: Jones Junction, CEM, George and Kathy Heidelmaier, Marlene Lieb, the Women's Giving Circle of Harford County, the Society of Italian-American Businessmen, The Bayou Restaurant, Terry Troy, Dr. Mary Teddy Wray, Saxon’s Diamond Centers, Patricia D. and M. Scot Kaufman, The Ralph and Shirley Klein Foundation, The Dresher Family, The Family of Walter and Betty Ward, The Cook Family, The Lozinak Family, Dr. Richard P. and Esther S. Streett, Jr. and Family, Augustus F. Brown Esq., Harford Bank, The Harford Mutual Insurance Companies, APG Federal Credit Union, The Arena Club, Jay and Orsia Young, and the late William A. Harloe, Jr.

 All awardees will be recognized at the Harford County Celebration of Philanthropy, a luncheon celebration taking place in April 2018. The Chapter is actively seeking nominations for the following categories.

Philanthropist(s) of the Year - Presented to an individual, family, business or organization with a proven record of exceptional generosity and outstanding civic and charitable responsibility in Harford County, and whose dedication to philanthropy inspires others to invest in our community.

Terry Troy Award for Volunteer Service - Presented to an individual who regularly volunteers for one or more Harford County-based nonprofit organizations, and whose dedication and service goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Outstanding Youth Fundraiser -  Presented to Harford County youth who show evidence of quality of leadership and organizational abilities, originality and creative thought of a fundraising project, and how the funds raised benefited a non-profit organization or community.  Students in elementary school through high school are eligible for this award.  This does not mean students have to raise funds through a school-related project; students can be part of a scout troop, religious group or other club or organization, as well as a school.  Groups of students who worked together on a fundraising project can also be nominated. 

Nominate your candidate(s) online through the link below, or download the attached PDF and submit, along with your nomination, to the AFP Maryland Chapter.

Online Nomination Form